Welcome to ServiceDesk 2.0

This system can be used for the following requests:

  • IT Support
  • AV Support
  • Site Services
  • Communication Requests

Opening a new ticket

  1. Click on "Open a New Ticket" at top right of page, and when prompted type your school network (Testbourne ID) username and password
  2. Complete the help request form with as much information as possible to help solve your problem quickly

Viewing the status of a ticket

  1. Click "Sign in" at the top right of this page and enter your school network (Testbourne ID) username and password to view all open and closed tickets.

ServiceDesk Admins, please click here to access the admin interface

We hope that ServiceDesk 2.0 will help streamline requests and ensure they are all resolved as quickly and as efficiently as possible!

v1.14.1 - Updated 02/01/2020 (JSW)